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Full Flood Savanna Genetics

England Family Savannas not Affected by DNA Discoveries

England Ranch has been fortunate that our herd was not affected by the recent DNA discoveries.  Our heart goes out to those that were.

EFS Savanna Genetics are 100% DNA Verified!

Every full blood buck and doe at EFS Savannas has been DNA verified!  Our herd currently has 4 different buck bloodlines and will soon have 2 more.

Sale Policy

We sell animals that are healthy and sound at the time of transfer. We cannot guarantee that they will mature as you or we would expect. We cannot guarantee their mature conformation, stature, attachment, show ability, quality of their offspring, etc. There are many factors involved in the development of an animal including life-long management (feeding, health care maintenance, parasite control, housing, breeding, stress, etc). We cannot take responsibility for how an animal that you purchased from us ultimately matures.

We do not guarantee that a purchaser will like an animal they purchase from us. An animal represents a genetic package. We are not under obligation to take any animal back once it has left the property. If a buyer wants to see an animal before purchase, that’s wonderful. We encourage people to visit the ranch and choose the animal for themselves. For long-distance purchases, we will do our best to realistically represent the animal with photos and descriptions. All sales are final.

We are selling genetic potential. The animals we sell represent more than the animal purchased. It represents our research and breeding for desirable traits such as thriving on pasture and browse, body conformation and breeding ability.

If we sell breeding stock that proves to be infertile (backed up with a Vet or AI collector’s detailed report for verification) we feel an obligation to replace it with our choice of a comparable animal, depending on availability.

Iceman 2017 Bucks

Stonewall 2017 Bucks

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