Full Flood Savanna Genetics

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Full Flood Savanna Genetics

Looking for DNA Verified Full Blood Savanna Genetics?

England Family Savannas not Affected by DNA Discoveries

England Ranch has been fortunate that our herd was not affected by the recent DNA discoveries.  Our heart goes out to those that were.

EFS Savanna Genetics are 100% DNA Verified!

Every full blood buck and doe at EFS Savannas has been DNA verified!  Our herd currently has 4 different buck bloodlines and will soon have 2 more.

There is Still Time to get EFS Genetics Delivered!

Will be traveling throughout the upper and lower Midwest soon with our genetics.  Get on the list and we will come see you!

Check out our latest crop of Savanna Bucks!

England Family Ranch has had another bumper crop of fine Savanna bucks! These Savannas are from the finest bloodlines: including Iceman from the Stephanie Mitcham herd,  sires from the Mincey and Crane Creek bloodlines and also Sires from the Okie and Mincey and the Comanche Indian Territory bloodlines.

Please call for more information and enjoy viewing these wonderful bucks!

See our 2017 crop of full blood Savanna bucks.